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Welcome to the Bent Irons Golf Club Web Site.

This site gives members all the information needed to be active and informed. The website is a template site created by Word Press and modified by Gary Staples and Mike Wolff.

The current page is “Club Information” which contains these instructions.

The most important page is the Event Sign-Up page. You will use the page to view and sign up for events. Following are the instructions for signing up for play. 1. Click on the Event Sign Up page at the top of the website. 2. Once on the Event Sign Up page you will see a listing of the events. Click on the event you wish to sign up for. The event location may not be determined yet so check back often to get the details. 3. Sign up by scrolling down to “Leave a reply”! In the comment field please indicate your intentions, for example, “In”, etc. Also, put your name in the “Name Field”. No need to fill in your email or website.  Click on the “post comment box”. Your comment and name will appear with other players who have signed up.  Submitting will enter you into the event so the organizer knows how many people to plan for in each event. The entry is time-stamped. In the unlikely event that we do not have enough tee times the person or people who signed up last may be told there is not a spot for them. This is why it’s essential to sign up early so the organizer knows how many tee times to get. For the Wednesday Event sign up by the previous Saturday and for the Friday event sign up by the previous Monday.  Your name should appear along with the others who have already signed up and can be seen by clicking the “X comment” field.  X is the number of people who have submitted comments. If you are not planning to play there is no need to post that you are out.

Pay-out for the $10 Game will be: 1/2 point for all BIRDIES, 2-points for a NET SKIN, 1-point for the 1st LOW NET including ties, and 1/2 point for the 2nd LOW NET including ties.

Other tabs are fairly self-explanatory but it’s best to navigate through them to see what’s in them. Please navigate to each tab and become familiar with each.

We are required to have a privacy policy. I will state as the Web Site Administrator your personal information will not be used for any purposes other than for the members of our club to communicate with each other”. You will notice that the Roster and Finance Files are password protected. Send me an email if you need the password. I will call you with the password!